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Surgeon Orhan ALAN was born in 1965 in İstanbul. He graduated from İstanbul University Medical Faculty in 1989. İstanbul Medical Faculty, Surgeon Orhan ALAN was born in 1965 in İstanbul.

He served as an assistant at the chair of İstanbul Medical Faculty Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology and in Ege University Medical Faculty General Surgery for more than a year.

Later, he started as an assistant in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital Ear-Nose-Throat and Head & Neck Surgery and he was entitled as Specialist in the same clinic. Meanwhile, he studied on the research and thesis of nose and respiratory physiology. He has shown interest on rhinoplasty operations since these years. He has operated several rhinoplasty and Ear-Nose-Throat operations in his specialization period.

He attended several local and foreign courses, congresses and seminars. He is married and the father of 2; he speaks French, English and German well and at the intermediate level.